Autumn- The Short Version.

I was born in the fall of 1978 to an unwed teenage girl that still lived with her parents.  Subsequently, my grandparents became parental figures to me and would remain as such throughout my life.  They were the ones I would run to when something in my life went awry, they were the ones that ushered me through my childhood and into adulthood.

When I was 2 years old my mother met and married a man.  He was 10 years her senior, and she thought this would be good– someone to take care of her and her bastard daughter.  Two years into their six year marriage, my mother gave birth to a sister.  Two years after that, the only man I ever knew as “Daddy” forked out hundreds of dollars to officially adopt me.  I know, because he saved the receipt and would use it later remind me that I was not a bargain.  Another two years later, they pleaded guilty to falling out of love and went their separate ways.

Shortly thereafter, my mother met a man in a bar called “The Little Club”.  He was fun-loving and generous, something she hadn’t known in her previous marriage.  Call it desperation, call it rebound, call it love…. whatever it is, they were married a year later.  A brother came into the world a year after that, when I was nearly 10.  There were ups and downs, their rocky relationship was one of those people look at from afar and call “on again, off again.”  When I was 16 years old, another brother arrived– he was born on my last day of highschool.

I was bored with highschool and as a junior, I made the choice to move on with my life.  I took the “California State High School Proficiency Exam” early in my junior year, and passed.  I enrolled in the local community college with the dream that I would acheive great things in life– such as becoming a Music Producer after attending the Boston Conservatory.  But first, I had to get 2 years of college basics under my belt…

1995, on the first day of my first year of college, I had too much time to kill between classes (I had not yet learned the fine art of scheduling).  I sat on a bench under a tree, and began to write a letter to my long-distance boyfriend.  A cute guy walked up and asked if he could share the bench, citing that he was waiting for a friend.  We ended up chatting, he offered to show me the way to the cafeteria for a beverage.  We ended up exchanging pager numbers before heading to our next classes.

Fast forward thirteen years, the boy that bought me a soda on my first day of college is my husband of 10 years.  We have three beautiful daughters, currently ages 9, 7, and 6.  The road that has lead me to who I am today has been rocky, to say the absolute least.  There have been good times and bad, slow times and fast.  I’ve saved some lives, but I’ve lost more lives than I’ve saved.  I’ve been to the pearly gates and back again (pretty much literally!)….. 

To describe myself adjectively would be asinine, everything I am contradicts itself– and I am positive my blog will attest to that truth.