Even Fewer

So I decided to make three resolutions.

1) Get fit.  Be healthy.

2)  Read my Bible every single day.  Even if only for 5 minutes.

3)  Plan & execute family vacation (other than annual beach camping trip.)

I think these resolutions are absolutely attainable.  I was concerned about creating expectations for myself that are unrealistic, but I’m pretty sure that these are managable.

I also have other “goals” in mind, but I’m not going to go fetal in the corner if they don’t happen.  I’d like to blog at least once per week– it’s healing.  I’d like to go to church more– that isn’t really up to me though.  I’d like to have my hair cut more often– any woman that says a haircut doesn’t give them an emotional boost is lying.  I’d like to see my friends more.

My girls also made resolutions. 🙂

Kylie said she is going to try to listen the first time she is asked to do something.  I told her she needs to create a reachable goal instead of that one…

Emma said she has a goal of not getting in trouble so often.  I’m happy with the fact that she recognizes it will happen at some point, just because.

Natalie has a goal of eating healthy.  She said she will only have sugar once a week.  No, month.  Ummm… wait.  Week.  Yeah, week.

Matthew has some resolutions as well… He wants to exercise more (it makes him feel better in general, more energy & stamina.)  He wants to save some money.  Some other more person goals too. 🙂

A quote:

“How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults, or resolution enough to mend them.”
-Ben Franklin

This guy had it on the nose!  Everyone has no problem finding fault in everyone around them, rarely do they reflect upon themselves.  With the welcoming of a new year, a few people seriously take inventory of their lives and recognize the areas that need improvement.  Even fewer actually take action against them.

I am one of those “even fewer”.


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