200-34I’ve never been one to make New Year Resolutions– well, since I was a kid anyway.  I always thought them pointless.  Little white lies that we tell ourselves to justify our previous behavior.  After all, if it is something that needs fixing, and you have a plan to fix it, you can pretty much consider it already fixed– right?


Which is why I’ve been anti-resolution.  Don’t get me wrong, I love GOALS.  Something attainable, achievable, and not just self-loathing blather.  A goal doesn’t necessarily carry an intention of fixing a problem.  It carries a connotation of making something better, or starting something new with an intention of a completed end result.

However, this year, this NEW year, I have decided to make a real change.  I am making resolutions.  The reason I have decided to make real “resolutions”, is because I need to change myself and my life– which means changing my habits.  If my habit was not making resolutions, I need to do the opposite.  Perhaps my prior “anti-resolutionist” status was a cop out– a way of giving myself an excuse to not make any real changes.

I am still thinking about what my resolutions will be… they have to be similar to goals in the sense of being attainable and beneficent.  But I think they will be mostly old-fashioned resolutions.  I’m yearning for a simpler life.  I want to get back to the simplistic standards and expections of auld.  The most certain way to acheive this will be to step right out and act on it.


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